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Feldman Morgado PA is an employee rights firm representing clients throughout Florida and Georgia. The firm represents both employees and employers who are pursuing or experiencing inappropriate termination and employment discrimination claims. With years of know-how, Feldman Morgado can explain your rights, describe a plan of action, and implement the most effective tactics to resolve your issue.

The firm provides their myriad of expert services throughout Florida:
- Business law and litigation
- Civil litigation: contract disputes, construction litigation, deceptive trade practices, insurance claims, & professional malpractice.
- Employment litigation: discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, & employment agreements.
- FLSA wage and hour claims: unpaid overtime or minimum wage violations.
- Whistleblower claims: retaliation lawsuits & Qui Tam lawsuits.
- Real estate law and litigation: transactions and refinancing and recovery of earnest monies.
- ERISA disability: compliance matters & coverage disputes.

Why Are They Different?
As business legal representatives in employment litigation and commercial and civil litigation, Feldman Morgado explore out-of-court remedies and solutions to resolve your business or employment claim in an effective and advantageous manner. Nevertheless, some legal conflicts do require litigation in order for the client to obtain their preferred outcome. Being well prepared for anything, we anticipate every case going to trial and prepare a full-fledged litigation on your behalf.

Our main office is located in Tampa, Florida although we represent clients throughout Florida in our Miami, Jacksonville, Ocala, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, and West Palm Beach locations. While each location has an areas of expertise, you will be served by a skilled attorney no matter where you obtain our services, including Atlanta; New York; Stamford, Connecticut; or Washington, D.C.  To learn more about Feldman Morgado, visit our website at floridatrialattorneys.net . There you can request a free consultation and read more about our attorneys, cases and practice areas.

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